Floline X4 Dental Workstations

The Floline X4 veterinary dental workstations provides a variety of functions for veterinarians, such as scaling, polishing, cutting. Making daily routine small animal oral health procedures easy, effortless and efficient.


  • High & Low Speed hand pieces which are lightweight and help to reduce hand fatigue effectively.
  • Powerful High-speed self generating LED light hand piece provides bright, clear vision.
  • High quality oil-free air compressor to reduce the requirment for daily maintenance
  • 20L large capacity air tank ensures pressure balance and long-term supply, therefore reducing the frequency of air charging.
  • Lightweight machine – the whole machine only weighs 46kg.
  • PLUS Super smooth casters to ensure easy and flexible movement around your clinic when needed.
  • Ultrasonic scaler with white LED light for clear vision of teeth throughout procedure
  • Low speed motor for polishing
  • 3-way Water/Air Syringe
  • BONUS – Supplied complete with Prophy Heads, Burrs & Paste.
  • Easy set up, simply plug & play!


FAQ – Frequently asked questions

Is the X4 and X5 easily mobile?

Both machines are extremely easy to move around your clinic as often as you need. They come with super smooth casters that glide across the floor. The total weight of the machine is only 46kg which also helps with mobility.

Does the X4 and X5 come with any extras? 

Yes, your machine will come with complimentary prophy heads, burrs & prophy paste.

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