Vet1 provide full service and support for all products sold by Vet1 Pty Ltd.

Vet1 provide full service and support for most anaesthesia vaporisers and machines.

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Onsite vaporiser calibration & anaesthesia machine service is currently provided in  Queensland , Northern NSW, and Victoria, Vet1 will be actively expanding service options to all states.


Anaesthesia tips for winter.

A well-maintained anaesthesia machine is essential for an efficiently run veterinary practice.

Below are a few tips to help improve the quality and performance of these essential products. During cold weather, the vaporiser should be kept at room temperature, between 20 and 22 degrees Celcius. It is recommended that you adjust the temperature to this setting at least two hours before use, as the vaporiser,has a solid metal mass, and needs time to heat up.

After each surgery we recommend that the agent level of the vaporiser be verified. A low level of agent could cause variations in anaesthetic delivery.

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