Vet1 Woods Lamp $98.00


Our Veterinary Woods lamp, also known as a UV lamp or black light, is used to aid in the diagnosis of certain skin conditions in animals. It emits ultraviolet (UV) light in the UVA spectrum (320-400 nanometers) and is particularly useful in detecting fungal infections, such as ringworm (dermatophytosis), in animals.

When the Woods lamp is shone onto the skin of an animal, certain fungal infections will fluoresce under the UV light. The affected areas may appear as fluorescent green or yellow-green, contrasting with the surrounding healthy skin. This fluorescence occurs because some fungi produce compounds that fluoresce under UV light.

Being a plug in product gives this handy gadget the extra power that handheld options often do not offer.

Dimensions: 33H x 8W x 20L
Weight: 1.5kg
Twin bulb UV light with magnifier – mains power

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