Vet1 WM20 Infusion Fluid Warmer

The Vet1 WM20 Vet Infusion Warmer is a ‘dry heater’, which means the fluid does not directly contact the heating element. It transfers heat from heat exchanger through the infusion tube to the IV fluid to achieve continuous heating.
The user can adjust the setting temperature in the range of 30 °C ~50°C according to actual needs, and the heater can automatically work to the preset temperature with the built-in intelligent chip and maintain the constant temperature state after reaching the target temperature
  • Compact size
  • More accurate temperature control
  • Easy to use and operate without training
  • 30°C~50 C wide temperature range adjustable options
  • Two attaching methods on an IV stand with lanyard and bracket
  • Over-temperature protection, five alarms including high and low temperature alarm, safer and more reliable