Vet1 Doppler Kit


Take the pressure out of Blood Pressure with the Vet1 Doppler Blood Pressure System.

The Vet1 Doppler Blood Pressure Kit includes a manual, a battery charger, 1 bottle of Ultrasound gel,a ABN sphygmomanometer, a set of reusable blood pressure cuffs (sizes 1-5, also suitable for small animals) and the Vet1 Doppler unit.

The Vet1 Cat Doppler unit is the heart of the Vet1 Doppler BP kit. As well as taking blood pressure in clinics you can also tape the Vet1 Doppler on and listen to a patient’s pulse during anaesthesia.

3 Simple Steps to use the Vet1 Doppler

Simply prepare the fur over the pulse you want to use; tail , brachial, radial or even femoral.

1. Swab the fur with alcohol (it gets the oil out), and apply a dollop of ultrasound gel
2. Lightly tape the probe over the pulse
3. Switch on and adjust the volume to suit

If your patients BP, pulse rate, or quality of pulse changes you will immediately hear it.

Included BP Cuff Sizes

Size 1: 3.3cm – 5.6cm
Size 2: 4.2cm – 7.1cm
Size 3: 5cm – 9.5cm
Size 4: 6.9cm – 11.7cm
Size 5: 8.9cm – 15cm