Reusable handle plus one Cartridge $ $36.80

(35 Staples per Cartridge)

PV101C Stapler Cartridge $14.20

(35 Staples per Cartridge)

Re-useable Skin Stapler

Cormed fixed head multi-use skin staplers are quality instruments, made in the USA.
Cormed fixed head multi-use skin staplers are packaged sterile, fully assembled, and ready for first use.
– Single use replacement cartridges packaged separately.
Cormed fixed head multi-use skin staplers are logically economical and more environmentally sustainable than competing disposables.


  • Multi-Use design is a logical economic choice.
  • Multi-use handle allows for less inventory needed on shelves and less spent packaging in the OR Suite.
  • Multi-Use Handle is Autoclavable and rated for at least
  • 30 uses making it more environmentally friendly by reducing the number of handles and plastic disposed into the environment.
  • Open nose piece, angled tip design, and arrow guide give a clear view of staple placement for accurate and consistent placement.
  • Cormed stapler releases staple when the handle is fully depressed and confirmation of staple formation is confirmed with tactile and audible feedback.
  • Clear view high impact handle for easier cleaning.
  • Unload and load instructions are pad printed on the Multi-Use
  • Handle and single use Cartridge.
  • MRI Compatible.