Self-seal sterilization pouch with a sterility test strip

SS00520 90mmx 230mm Pack of 200
SS00525 135mmx 260mm Pack of 200
SS00530 135mmx 356mm Pack of 200
SS00545 190mmx 330mm Pack of 200
SS00555 305mmx 381mm Pack of 200

The only sterilisation pouch with the built-in sterility test strip!


Millpack is made from paper and a proprietary blend of polypropylene which makes it fully recyclable!


  • Wide range of pouch sizes – convenient to fit a wide selection of instruments
  • High grade medical paper backing – helps prevent strike-through!
  • Thumb notch for easy opening
  • labelling area for easy kit identification
  • Steam dot indicator 121oc 15min/134oc 3.5min ethylene oxide dot indicator (eo)
  • Heat-sealed upper corners helps prevent contaminants from entering the pouch along the opening seal
  • Conforms to ISO11140-1 | Class 6