Masimo Capnography and Multi-gas OEMSolutions

 Masimo capnographyand multi-gas solutionsareflexible,easytointegrate,and designedtomeasurerespiratory gases in a wide range of clinical applications and patient populations. They feature:

  • Complete end-to-end solutions, with both mainstream and Sidestream options

  • Flexible configurations, able to accommodate the full spectrum of gas monitoring needs, from capnography to

    advanced multi-gas measurement

  •  Ease of integration with external analyzers and built-in modules that use a universal communication protocol

  • Moisture-wicking sampling line technology for effective Sidestream capnography and multi-gas measurement

NomoLine® ISATM Sidestream Analysers

Flexible sidestream gas monitoring solutions in a variety of innovative configurations

  • Designed for real-time, accurate, continuous measurement of inspired and expired gas concentrations and respiratory rate
  • Able to measure CO2, O2, N2O, and anesthetic agents (HAL, ENF, ISO, SEV, DES) with auto agent-ID

Features and Benefits:

  • A variety of gas analyzer options allows monitoring of all patient populations in a variety of clinical settings, including the OR, ICU, general ward, emergency department, and during transportation
  • With virtually no warm-up time and full accuracy
    performance in seconds, accurate data is quickly available to help clinicians intervene faster
  • 50 ml/min sampling flow facilitates accurate measurements and crisp waveforms, allowing for gas monitoring on patients with low tidal volumes and high respiratory rates, such as neonates
  • Compact size, lightweight design, and the availability of multiple configurations (external and built-in) promotes easy integration
  • Low power consumption and automatic temperature and pressure compensation make NomoLine ISA gas analyzers easy to maintain

NomoLine Sampling Lines

CODE: V13829 – Masimo Side Stream Sample Line <5kg

CODE: V13827 – Masimo Side Stream Sample Line 5kg+

Sampling lines with moisture-wicking technology

  • Compatible with Masimo ISA analysers to provide accurate sidestream capnography and multi-gas measurements

Features and Benefits:

  • Multiple sampling line options allow for use on both intubated and non-intubated patients in both low- and high-humidity environments
  • Patented polymer allows moisture to defuse into the environment, providing accurate measurements and eliminating the need for a water trap
  • Hydrophobic filter protects module from bacteria, viruses, and water intrusion
  • Low-flow application design facilitates use across all patient populations, including adult, paediatric, infant, and neonatal patients
  • Lightweight, soft cannulas are ergonomically designed for greater patient comfort
  • Simple plug-in connector allows for a leak-free connection to the gas analyzer