Kalayjian Stomach Tubes
Large Animal Sizes:

Made of the finest grade of medical vinyl tubing available for excellent flexibility in all climates.

Rounded at the entry end for ease of passing, and fitted with a specially molded blue funnel medication end.

The stomach tube is transparent with a long life expectancy, and is easy to clean.

KI-100 Foal Equine 9.5mm in O.D. x  213.3 cm
KI-200 Small Equine 12.7mm  in O.D. x  274.3 cm
KI-300 Medium Equine 15mm in O.D. x 274.3 cm)
KI-400 Large Equine 19.1mm in O.D. x 304.8 cm)


KI-450 Stomach Pump Nipple Adapter

If the use of a stomach pump is desired, adapter may be pushed onto the pump discharge nozzle. Fits any of the six sizes of stomach tubes we carry.