Floline Air Plus
UVC Air Sterilizers with HEPA+ Activated Carbon

The Vet1 Floline Air Plus combines the top 4 technologies – UVC disinfection, activated carbon filtration, HEPA filtration,
Bi-Polar Ionization into one product.

This revolutionary combination ensures that our air sterilizer can kill 99.9% of microbes once the air is released, and deliver results far superior than either disinfection technology alone.

Available in two models.

Vet1 Floline Air Plus V1FLO75 V1FLO150
  Large Processing Capacity: 180m3/h Large Processing Capacity: 450m3/h
Noise: Low Mode 35db
High Mode 55db
Low Mode 35db
High Mode 55db
Total Rated Power: 55W 200w
Dimensions: 55 x 5 x 30cm 86 x 5 x 41.5cm
Weight: 4kg 15kg
Coverage: 0-90m3 0-200m3
Power of UVC Lamp: 30W 150W
Ion Output: 100 000 000 Positive and negative 20 000 000 Positive and negative
Fan Speed: High 180m3/h
Medium 120m3/h
Low 100m3/h
Sleep 80m3/h
High 450m3/h
Medium 300m3/h
Low 235m3/h
Sleep 170m3/h
Replacement Cartridge Filter: HEPA + Carbon HEPA + Carbon