Vet1 CombiSpin Centrifuge

Combi Rotor suits 2ml tubes, 40 & 75mm Micro Hematocrit Tubes


Timer: 1-99 minutes
Max. Speed: 9999 RPM
Max. RCF: 9500xg
CombiSpin Rotor Volume: 10 x 2ml plastic tubes and 10 Micro haematocrit capillary tubes (75mm in length)

3 Fixed programs

  • Serum/Plasma 9999 rpm 2 mins
  • PCV (MHct) 9999 rpm 5 mins
  • Urine Sediment 1500 rpm 2 mins

Voltage: AC220-230V 50/60HZ
Noise (at Max RPM): ≤65dB (A)
Dimensions: 310mm (L) 270mm (W) 210mm(H)
Net Weight: 9 kg

Fits Statspin, 40mm & 75mm Micro Haematocrit tubes

 Vet1 Mini Spin 12 Centrifuge

Complete with 4 Rotors 


ONLY $970.00 ex GST

The Mini Smart Spin Centrifuge is designed to give you maximum speed and flexibility in a
minimized footprint. Its compact, ergonomic design fits on any workstation and is comfortable and easy for anyone to operate.

Safety features help ensure it will not operate when the lid is open, a rotor is jammed, or the unit is out of balance. Ideal for most protocols requiring fast spins (12,000rpm / 9,660 xg), and appropriate for PCR, microfilter cell separation, and HPLC protocols

Fits Statspin, 40mm Micro Haematocrit tubes




Rotors to suit Mini Spin

Vet1 Mini Spin Rotor: Micro Hematocrit 

Vet1 Mini Spin Square Rotor: 1.5ml/2.2ml×12 + PCR0.2ml×8×4Row for Centrifuge

Vet1 Mini Spin Rotor: PCR 0.2ml×12× 4 Row for Centrifuge

Vet1 Mini Spin Rotor: 5ml*4 for Centrifuge

75mm Micro Haematocrit tubes (Red) Heparinized

100 per tube $4.80

75mm Micro Haematocrit tubes (Blue) Plain (Non Heparinized)

100 per tube $3.95


40mm Micro Haematocrit tubes (Red) Sodium-Heparinized

100 per tube $15.95

– Mini Spin Suitable

40mm Micro Haematocrit tubes (Blue)
Plain (Non Heparinized)

100 per tube $15.95

Mini Spin Suitable

Micro Hematocrit tube sealant 

Supplied in Twin Pack (2) $12.90

75mm Micro Hematocrit Reader $24.00        

40mm Micro Hematocrit Reader $22.00        

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