Cat Condo’s


Modular Cat Condo

Trans-lucid Acrylic Dividing Plates
Raised Platform
ity Latches and Transparent Acrylic Window Doors
Designed for multiple combinations
Made in Europe

Cat Condo “The Big Hotel”

Set of 4 cat cages and two storage cabinets;
Each cage with 80x46x62 cm and a raised platform for observation;
Condo in phenolic and acrylic doors;
Set dimensions: 160 x 46 x 174 cm.
Made in Europe

Adaptable Cat Condo

Cat condo with phenolic compact structure and doors with transparent acrylic windows;
Windows have displacement to allow ventilation;
Set of 9 cat condo with 3 cabinets for storage, with wheels;
Each cat condo has 52 x 42 x 39.5 cm;
Cages with dividing plates, allowing to gather or separate 2 or 3 cages in each floor;
Set dimensions: 160 x 46 x 174 cm
Made in Europe