I Love my Pet Cages

I Love my Pet Cage With Stainless Door

Coloured, Super-resistant, Safe, Light and Comfortable Cages

ILoveMyPetBox cages ensure unique durability, versatility and modularity.
These cages provide your friend with an unique, durable and attractive space that will allow you and your pet comfort, convenience and safety.

Available in the following colours.

Dark Grey
Light Grey
Light Blue

Colorful and Super Resistant

ILoveMyPetBox cages are colorful, there are many shades available, from the neutral to the most vibrant. With them you can create light and pleasant environments for yourself and your friend.

The structure of the ILoveMyPetBox cages is composed of a single piece of high density polyethylene, which gives it high strength and durability, being lightweight.

Each cage comes with stainless steel door.

Safe and Comfortable

ILoveMyPetBox cages are made of high density polyethylene, which makes them inert (they will not react with any substance that is in contact with the structure) and nontoxic (they do not cause intoxication). The inner corners are rounded to ensure comfort and protection to your friend.

The doors have a latch, which prevents your pet from freeing itself.

ILoveMyPetBox cages are impermeable, so there is no transmission of liquids from outside to inside or vice versa.

Modular System

ILoveMyPetBox cages have a modular system, with fixation on both sides and at the top and base, which makes the assembly stable.

They are lightweight so they can be moved and carried easily.

There is also the possibility of having them applied on a base, with or without wheels, which allows to lift them from the ground or easily moving the assembly.
Bases for ILoveMyPetCages      

– With 4 wheels (2 with brake), for 2 cages side by side (120cm wide);
Bases for ILoveMyPetCages      

– With 6 wheels (3 with brake), for 3 cages side by side (180cm wide);