Atrasorb Sodalime Pellets – 4.5kg “White to Violet” $36.90

FDA Approved

CO2 absorbers produced by Atrasorb are applied in the following areas: medical, industry and underwater. Atrasorb soda lime provides more CO2 absorption capacity and negligible powder dispersion, and its semi-spherical form provides better compression in the canister, reducing respiratory flow resistance.

It does not form channels
Due to its structure, fractioned lime allows channels to be formed. Breathing gas passes through the lime according to the lesser resistance principle. Consequently, only preferential “channel zones” allow CO2 to be absorbed. Atrasorb, on the other hand, provides the same resistance in all parts, thus allowing a homogeneous absorption.

CO2 absorption capacity

Absorption capacity of the lime granules is remarkably greater on convex surfaces than on flat surfaces. Due to their standard size (4.3mm diameter), lime pills are more regularly distributed inside the absorber than fractioned lime. Consequently, absorption capacity of an absorber using Atrasorb is higher, namely 200 L of CO2 per kilogram.


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