Apalert RM5 Respiration Monitor


The Apalert RM5 respiration monitor is both robust and reliable. The sensitivity is adjustable down to patients of 1kilo and the apnea period to trigger alarm is adjustable from 10 to 60 seconds.

  • Beeps at each breath
  • Display shows interval since last breath
  • Rechargeable with approx. 70 hours use
  • Can be used as it recharges
  • Adjustable beep volume and sensitivity
  • Alarm gets louder if ignored
  • Magic eye reset facility for sterility

V1APRM Apalert Respiration Monitor

V1APST Apalert Sensor Tip Only

V1APSTC  Apalert Sensor Tip & Cable

V1APPP  Apalert Plug Pack

V1APSC Apalert Swivel Connector