Induction Chambers and Masks

Vet1 Small animal anaesthesia face masks, plastic nose cones with rubber diaphragms

V1MASK01 Small Feline Mask 44mm  (OD)*22mm(ID)*24mm(Depth) $26.40
V1MASK02 Medium Feline Mask 57mm  (OD)*30mm(ID)*29mm(Depth) $28.00
V1MASK03 Large Feline Mask 60mm  (OD)*33mm(ID)*35mm(Depth) $30.00
V1MASK04 Small Canine Mask 87mm  (OD)*30mm(ID)*73mm(Depth) $33.00
V1MASK05 Medium Canine Mask 110mm(OD)*42mm(ID)*97mm(Depth) $35.00
V1MASK06 Large Canine Mask 130mm(OD)*54mm(ID)*121mm(Depth) $37.00



Vet1 Small Animal Polycarbonate induction chambers.

These chambers are made from thick polycarbonate, ensuring long term use, complete with Inlet spike, and waste gas outlet, lockable lids with hinged tops to ensure easy handling of animals.                  

3 sizes available.


Vet1 Size1 Induction chamber

15cm x 10cm x 10cm


Vet1 Size2 Induction chamber 

24cm x 12cm x 18cm


Vet1 Size3 Induction chamber 

40cm x 18.5cm x 25cm